Pangkor Island is surrounded by seas which means that you get to mostly enjoy a lot of water sports and activities. The beaches here are outlined by pearly-white sands while you can indulge in a lot of other things to do as well.

Seaside – The beaches would be the most popular places to go in Pangkor Island. What you get is some of the most spectacular views of the surroundings but there are certain spots which can be quite dirty which means you have to be mindful of where to go.

Coral Bay – Around the west coastal side of the island, the green-coloured water could well be your main attraction. If you are here for the romance of the island, the sunset would be totally breath-taking and unforgettable.

Pasir Bogak – Perhaps the most popular beach in Pangkor Island. You will see crowds coming around during the peak season with a lot going into the waters for a dip. It is actually the first developed-beaches here while picnics are quite common too. If there is one place you want to go for the seaside, Pasir Bogak is THE place.

Teluk Nipah – There are quite a number of places to eat and interest around here. However, a lot of development has been going on around the beach side which means you could well be looking at more buildings than trees.

Sports and Tours in Pangkor

Touring – There are many ways to go around Pangkor Island. From as low as RM25, you can rent a motorcycle for a day. There are not many roads here though but the bike should be good for some uneven terrains too. If you are the fitness type, then you can rent a bicycle for RM8 a day. Take your time and cycle away. If you want a more comfortable ride, then take a taxi tour which starts from about RM45 per trip where you get to see the best of everything around the island like the Kota Belanda and the miniature China wall.

Watersports – As usual, you get a lot of watersports here because of its natural geographical setup. Snorkelling is the most popular where you get to go to Pulau Giam. This will be about RM20 and is quite common. Kayaking is another activity where you can rent one for about RM50 per day.

Nature – If you like, you can feed the hornbills at Sunset View Chalet. This usually happens after 6.30pm or head out to the Teluk Segadas Hill or Titi Gantung for a short hike.