Pangkor Island is located off the western coast of Perak state in Peninsular Malaysia. Being an island, it is surrounded by seas which means that you will have to either fly or sail in. To get here, you will have to come by road on the mainland before continuing on by sea to the island.

Getting to Pangkor By Land

If you are driving or coming here on public land transportation, you will get off at Lumut town in order to catch a ferry across the straits into Pangkor Island. From Kuala Lumpur, you will have to head up north towards Penang through the North-South Expressway. The journey will take roughly 3 hours where you will then need to get into the Simpang Pulai-Lumut highway and then towards the West Coast Expressway. The road signs will then direct you towards Lumut town where you will then find a lot of parking facilities before embarking to the island.

Getting to Pangkor By Sea

At Lumut town, you will not miss the jetty where you can take public ferry services to Pangkor Island. There is a ferry leaving every 20 minute or so which can be taken from various locations like the main Lumut Jetty, Lumut Waterfront and the bus terminal. You can easily catch one for RM10 return at as early as 7.00am and until about 8.30pm at night. Once you are in the ferry, you would stop by on either one of the 2 stops located on the eastern side of the island, one at Sungai Pinang and another at Pangkor Town Jetty. Meanwhile, there is a private service provided that connects Marina Island to Pangkor which takes about 10 minutes. This service however is slightly costlier as compared to the public ferry service.

Getting to Pangkor By Air

Pangkor Island’s air transportation is served by the Pangkor Airport. Only Berjaya Air offers flights between Kuala Lumpur to Pangkor Island where there are services thrice weekly. Meanwhile, it is quite common to fly into Ipoh, the state capital of Perak and then engage an express bus service which will take you directly to the main bus terminal of Lumut where you can then look for your next course of journey.