Pangkor Island is a great place for vacation if you are looking for the perfect getaway of sun, sea and sand. Coming here is very easy but be prepared so as to make your trip more enjoyable.

Health – If you are travelling from areas which are high risk for yellow fever, you need to be vaccinated before arriving. Besides that, you can find several health centres around the island in case of minor health conditions like fever or flu.

Other concerns you should take note of

Cellular Networks – If you are using any of the major telecommunication services, you can get signal almost anywhere in the island while it can be quite challenging in the forest though. Hence, if you are planning to go for a hike, ensure that you have informed someone beforehand.

Religion – As per any other places in Malaysia, Pangkor Island practices Islam as the official religion which is mostly applicable to the Malays. Other religions are free to practice but be mindful not to offend the Muslim community through your dressing and mannerisms.

Language – English is very much understood around the island while the locals here speak the national language, Bahasa Malaysia. Meanwhile, most Chinese people speak mandarin.

Hygiene – Pangkor Island is quite a clean place. You can get bottled water anywhere. Tap water is quite safe but is not a common practice here.

Money – You can find banks and money changers around the town centres. ATM machines are available in the banks while most hotels accept major credit and debit cards. The standard currency here is Malaysian Ringgit, so you might want to change foreign currencies before buying anything.

Electricity – The electricity voltage here uses the 240 volt, 50-cycle system. So, if you are travelling here from western countries, be sure to use a converter.

Visa – Entering Malaysia need not require any visa application beforehand and this only applies to certain countries like Cuba and North Korea. However, you are advised to carry your passport wherever you go.

Entertainment and suitable attire

Drugs and alcohol – Most major restaurants and pubs serve alcoholic beverages but you should be mindful not to offer to Muslims. Drug trafficking in Malaysia is punishable by death.

Clothing – Light and simple clothing would be ideal as it can be quite warm during the day. Although you are around the beaches most of the time, be cautious about wearing too revealing clothes as it could be offensive to the locals.