As a top tourist destination, you can be assured to find something for everyone in terms of accommodation. There are a lot of hotels here which are within the range of budget all the way to the high-end world-class resorts to choose from. Let’s start with the more ‘affordable’ ones.

Pangkor Guesthouse – Quite a decent place if you want a simple and economical spot. From as low as RM70 per night, you get its eco-friendly design with free Wi-Fi and a common hall to just relax.

Nazri Nipah Camp – Located in Teluk Nipah, the location is quite exciting considering that you are within minutes to the rainforest. Its rate of RM50 can be quite enticing as you get to taste the local living styles.

Ombak Inn – This is located in Teluk Nipah as well and if you like a place with comfortable bed with breakfast, then this is it! Prices are from rM70 per night and you get free internet or go wandering around with their bicycles or motorcycles available for rent.

Resorts in the Island

Budget Beach Resort – The name speaks for itself where you get the basics from RM70 per night.
Other places around this range includes the Seagull Beach Village Resort, Delima Chalet and Purnama Beach Resort.

The following are those that are slightly costlier where rates are mostly above RM100 but would not be too over-the-top. Facilities are quite standard here.

Anjungang Beach Resort and Spa – A great location if you like to be surrounded by water. There are 50 suites here to choose from which are all uniquely designed for your maximum comfort. The private balcony in every unit gives you some of the best sights around Pangkor.

Pangkor Fish House – A truly exciting place to stay around the SPK Jetty if you like being on stilts. Rates start from around RM120 per night where you get free Wi-Fi and your own hot shower bathroom.

Pangkor Bay View Resort – Located in Teluk Nipah, the facilities here are decent but the downside if that you do not get any good views from the room.

Sea View Hotel – A string of facilities and services awaits you here at Pasir Bogak beach. Its Chinese restaurant here is quite popular too.

Other hotels at these rates include Coral Bay Resort, the Puteri Bayu Beach Resort and Golden Beach Hotel and Resorts.

For the more expensive places, you can choose the Pangkor Laut Resort, known to be one of the most luxurious places in Malaysia and the Pangkor Island Beach Resort.