When it comes to food, Pulau Pangkor is very much like anywhere else around Malaysia where you can practically find any type of cuisine around. The fact is that you would be spoilt for choice because there are quite a lot of options to choose from ranging from Chinese to Malay dishes and continental cuisine, all of which are served at affordable prices.

Uncle Lim’s Kitchen – Located at the Pangkor Laut Resort, the view here is simply breath-taking while you savour the local delights cooked to perfection through their own Nyonya and Hock Chew home-styled dishes.

Chapman’s Bar – This place has received quite a lot of positive reviews which means it should be quite a nice place. Located in Emerald Bay, they serve a lot of exciting local dishes. The satay here is a must-try while you they have burgers and even chicken rice ball (made popular in Malacca). The view here is amazing which means having a drink here would simply be heavenly.

The Samudra – What would a seaside vacation be if you are do not dine on stilts? The Samudra is perhaps your ideal choice with affordable prices for the local, Malay cuisine. This restaurant opens as early as 7.00am and goes on till late at night with a great view of the waters from your table.

Unforgettable moments in Pangkor Island

Palm Grove Café If you are one of those early birds who gets up really early in the morning and looking for good breakfast, the Palm Grove Café next to the Frog Pool could well be your ideal choice.

Oasis Bar – Just beside the Palm Grove Café is the Oasis Bar where you get to enjoy drinks and snacks all through the day while lazing around to appreciate the Frog Pool.

Dinner On The Rocks – The name speaks for itself. You are practically by the rocks of the seaside while enjoying your dinner amidst the sound of gushing water hitting the coast. The night view here is really ‘to die for’.

Sunset Dinner At Sea – Perfect for couples who are here for the romance of the island. You are actually dining on the traditional boat made of wood where it stops around Emerald Bay to view the sunset. The thing is, you will pretty much forget about dinner with this.

Fisherman’s Cove – If you are looking for a more western dining style, Fisherman’ Cove in Spa Village has a lot of variety to offer. Western grill items, fresh from the sea items, Italian dishes and some Chinese cooking would be as sumptuous as it gets.