Pangkor Island is a relatively small island where you can easily get around the main towns and villages. It must be noted though that there are not many roads around the island and that you can very much get around on foot in many locations.

Taxis in Pangkor Island

Getting into Pangkor Island is possible via ferry or plane. At the airport and the ferry’s jetty, you will be welcomed by a lot of taxis waiting to send you to your destination. They are basically minivans which can be easily spotted as they are usually pink in colour. What you need to do before taking the taxis is to agree on a price as they are not metered. The rates should be around RM15 to RM20 per trip depending on the distance.

Self-Drive in Pangkor Island

Another option that you can consider to get around in Pangkor Island is to rent your own vehicle. As there are not many roads around, renting a motorcycle could be your best bet. This ranges between RM25 and RM50 per day depending on the operator. Renting a car meanwhile is possible as well although they are not as easily available as motorcycles and would cost about RM100 per day, depending on the model and make. Before renting any vehicle, it would be best to confirm details like duration, insurance and other issues so as to avoid any disputes later.

If you are more adventurous, you can rent a bicycle which is a lot cheaper and gives you more freedom in moving about the island. One thing to note though is to be mindful of where you are going because you could easily get lost and finding your way back might be challenging if you do not speak the local language.

On Foot in Pangkor Island

One of the best ways to experience the local customs and traditions and to see the best of Pangkor Island is actually on foot. Wandering around the fishing villages and by the seaside will give you a lot more pleasure than going around in a vehicle where you can stop by anytime you please or head into the jungle trails for some quality time with nature.